This message contains information about amendments to occupational health & safety, environmental, and employment acts and regulations in Canada. CCOHS keeps track of changes to the legislation as part of the ongoing enhancement of its full-text Canadian enviroOSH and Employment Legislation services. Summaries of the amendments are posted to this list on a monthly basis. This is the list of amendments identified in March 2012. For more information about these services, contact us at or toll-free in Canada and USA at 1-800-668-4284, or visit our website.

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Motor Vehicle Safety Act: S.C. 2011, c. 24 adds subsections 7(1.1) - (1.5) regarding new
exceptions for vehicle importations and amends section 17.



Land Act: S.B.C. 2010, c. 6 is now fully in force with respect to the Land Act. Amendments to
sections 1, 11 and 50 have been made concerning fossils.

Protected Areas of British Columbia Act: S.B.C. 2011, c. 13 amends the description of
Anhluut'ukwsim Laxmihl Angwinga'asanskwhl Nisga'a [a.k.a. Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park]
in Schedule D.


Drilling and Production Regulation (Oil and Gas Activities Act): B.C. Reg. 249/2011 amends the
regulation to repeal and replace section 37 (Fracturing fluids records).

Exempt Projects, Programs, Contracts and Expenditures Regulation (B.C. Reg. 227/2011 amends
sections 2 (Northwest Transmission Line) of the regulation.

Fee, Levy and Security Regulation (Oil and Gas Activities Act): B.C. Reg. 250/2011, 251/2011
and 252/2011 amends section 2 of the regulation (Fees on application for a permit). Levies in
section 6 have been updated.

Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (Motor Vehicle Act): B.C. Reg. 234/2011 amends the regulation
to add an exception for snowmobiles in subsection 24.05(2.1).

Oil and Gas Activities Act General Regulation (Oil and Gas Activities Act): B.C. Reg. 235/2011
amends the regulation to add section 17.1 (Publication and Availability of Records and Reports).

Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation (Safety Standards
Act): B.C. Reg. 201/2011 amends the regulation to update references to various standards
throughout reflecting newer editions.

Renewable and Low Carbon Fuel Requirements Regulation (Greenhouse Gas Reduction
(Renewable and Low Carbon Fuel Requirements) Act): B.C. Reg. 232/2011 amends the
regulation to update section 11.02 (Compliance periods). Several other compliance requirements
have been updated as well throughout the regulation.



Gas Distribution Act, 1999: S.N.B. 2011, c. 56 is in force amending ss. 1, 9, 52, 58, 71, 85, and
91 and adding ss. 52.1 - 52.5 regarding rates and tariffs.


Electricity from Renewable Resources Regulation (Electricity Act): N.B. Reg. 2012-2 adds the
definitions for "eligible electricity", "eligible facility", "eligible large industrial enterprise", and
"fiscal year". Sections 3.1 - 3.5 regarding the Large Industrial Renewable Energy Purchase
Program. Another minor amendments were made to reflect these changes.

Food Premises Regulation (Public Health Act): N.B. Reg. 2011-78 makes several amendments
regarding public markets and food premises operated by not-for-profit organizations, as well as
removing all references to Class 1 and 2 Licenses.

Potable Water Regulation (Clean Water Act): N.B. Reg. 2012-9 replaces subsections 5(4),
regarding notifying well owners of the results of well testing and 9(1), regarding testing
standards. Subsection 5(5) is repealed.

Water Quality Regulation (Clean Environment Act): N.B. Reg. 2011-74 replaces subsection 5(4)
and adding subsection 5(5) regarding the replacement or modification of water or wastewater

Wellfield Protected Area Designation Order (Clean Water Act): N.B. Reg. 2012-4 replaces
Schedule A.32 with Schedule A.32.1 and adds Schedules A.32.2, A.37 and A.38.



Heating Oil Storage Tank System Regulations, 2003 (Environmental Protection Act): N.L.R.
112/11 replaces subsections 3.1(1.1) and 15(8).



Highway Traffic Act: S. O. 2009, c. 33, Sch. 4 is now mostly in force and amends sections

Provincial Offences Act: S. O. 2009, c. 33, Sch. 4 is now mostly in force and amends sections
throughout. S.O. 2011, c. 1 Sch. 1 is now mostly in force and amends sections 13 (Regulations)
and 20 (Regulations).


Disposal of Dead Farm Animals (Nutrient Management Act, 2002): O. Reg. 109/09 repeals
section 12 (Transition).



Pesticides Control Act Regulation (Pesticides Control Act): EC2012-94 repeals section 8
regarding conditional class A pesticide application certificates and section 11 regarding expired
certificates. Sections 6 and 24 are amended and several other minor amendments are made to
reflect these changes. Minor amendments are made to the forms in Schedule 3 and Schedule 5
regarding the phase-in of continuing education credits is repealed.



Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water (Environment Quality Act): O.C. 70-2012
makes extensive amendments updating water quality standards to make allowance for evolving
scientific knowledge. These amendments are also designed to harmonize baselines with those
applied by public health departments in order to protect citizens' health and adjust the mandatory
level of quality monitoring in terms of risk.




Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: S.A. 2011, c. H7.2 amends the Act to add
a reference to the Alberta Health Quality Council of Alberta to section 1.



Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: S.O. 2011, c. 9, Sch. 15 amends the Act
to add an area where a head may refuse to disclose health care information collected to assess or
evaluate the quality of health care.